7 Steps to Personal Freedom - Talk or One-Day Seminar
You possess the presence, power and wisdom necessary for a life free from fear, worry, and self-doubt.  Together we will learn and practice a powerful 7-step process to follow whenever life brings unwanted conditions. You deserve the rich and satisfying life you were born to live!

Soulful Living - Weekend Workshop
What is this thing we call soul, and how can we tap into it in such a way that our lives become a unique expression of the Divine? Through play and art-making, we will discover how to access the latent power of our soul, positioning it as a familiar figure in the landscape of our lives.

Reclaiming Our Sacred Birthright - Talk, Seminar, or Workshop
As children of a loving God, all humans are born into royalty and promised a rich inheritance comprised of seven jewels to be worn within their royal crown.  We will learn to identify, open, and align the seven major energy centers of the body to release these jewels, so we may reclaim and enjoy our royal heritage.

Gathering Women with Wit and Wisdom - Five-Day Workshop

Since the dawn of humankind, women have been gatherers of resources, people, and ideas. We are relational by nature and thrive in community. With the onset of mass-communication and the technological revolution, many of us have become side-tracked and distracted with little time for gathering.  Join us for a week of wit and wisdom, where we intentionally gather women from all stages of life for quiet reflection, meaningful conversation, and lively play. Together we will reclaim ourselves individually and collectively, and return home prepared to gather women to enrich our own communities.


Invite Sara to lecture or lead a workshop or seminar on personal development, wellness, beauty, creativity, contemplative practices and more. She will gladly develop a customized topic for your group.

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