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Please enjoy these excerpts from Sara's inspirational talks and writings. Plays, poetry and essay collections can be purchased upon request.

...​A Divine Intelligence resides within your very heart. This vitalizing creative force possesses the power, presence, and wisdom to restore you to a state of mental clarity, vibrant health, and unity with all that is.

...To access the power of the Divine, you must choose to align yourself with its Truth by consciously creating the life you desire and learning how to release destructive thought patterns, turn your face towards the light, and embrace your sacred birthright.

...If we stop judging and fighting what life brings us, and open our eyes to see, we will understand that everything we meet in life is a compassionate gift brought to us for the purpose of our own unfolding.

...The source of all suffering is born from our false self or that which we imagine ourselves to be.

...Any exciting or rewarding moment we experience externally is a mere reflection of an interior greatness.

...Make it your practice each morning when you awake to stand before the mirror in gratitude for your own body, your own mind—the tools with which you will create your day.  Remember to keep your thoughts grounded in the moment and let your spirit soar.

...Fear, regret, resentments and anger are false powers.  All negative states are wasteful. Genuine power is the ability to choose a relationship in the moment—as the moment requires it—for the good of all.

...No one has any power on her own.  She can be given powers by other people, but these are only transitory.  We have no power over anything; we are the instrument through which power moves.

​...Some people will always misinterpret our intentions and actions, but failing to act on what is right and good and true to avoid judgment or rejection can never be the higher path.  We must trudge on along the seldom-trod path, knowing if our heart is in relationship with all that is Good, we are walking in the right direction.

​...Our natural state is peaceful passivity, and we are continuously in a state of flux as we are acted upon by the forces of nature outside of ourselves such as the laws of nature like gravity, weather conditions rain and snow, people coming in and out of our lives, and a thousand other internal energies.  It’s important to see this interaction of active and passive forces, so we can better understand our true nature as it interacts with the world around us. ​​