Celebrities, spiritual luminaries, and experts endorse Sara and her work, acknowledging her ability to make meaningful connections over a diverse range of topics with the purpose of empowering others to consciously create the lives they were destined to live.


My experience with Sara was a rare pleasure. She truly turns an interview into a conversation. I felt understood and accepted. She also understands something lost in our pragmatic, fact-dominated society: the crucial role of the arts in preserving our humanity and unleashing our creativity at a deep level.

Thomas Moore (New York Times #1 best-selling author of Care of the Soul/musician)

Sara has a true gift with people. She is filled with spirit and joy. Being with her is a healing experience and  offers knowledge that one is in the presence of a beautiful soul.

Janet Page, Phd. (best-selling author of Get Married this Year/psychotherapist) 

It is such a joy to chat with Sara. Our interview was more like a conversation with an old friend about topics so many of us enjoy. Her insights were a great reminder to me about how wonderful our lives can be.
Betsy Chasse (award-winning filmmaker, co-author of WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?!)

Sara is insightful, wise and fearless. 

Brett Bevell (best-selling author of Reiki for Spiritual Healing/Omega Institute for Holistic Studies)


​My interview with Sara was wonderful. In fact, it was more a conversation. What I appreciate most is that she had really done her homework by reading my work and investigating my writing life.
Natalie Goldberg (best-selling author of Writing Down the Bones/writer and painter)

Right from the start, our interview created a transformative, sacred space that informed and inspired the conversation.  There was an effortless flow that made this truly a special occasion for me, and I believe, our listeners.
Steven Halpern (author of Sound Healing /award-winning musical composer and performer)

Our interview was a joy for me.  You have a tender (in the best sense of the word) way of interviewing, which allows people like me to be natural.  That's much harder than it sounds, but as someone on both sides of the mic, I'm in appreciation.  It also helps to know you actually read several of my books, which is more than flattery, it's a kind of honoring the work of those you're in touch with.
Phil Cousineau (author of The Art of Pilgrimage/award-winning filmmaker of The Hero's Journey: The World of Joseph Campbell)

It was a pleasure to be on your show. Yours is the first interview I've done that began with "So, where were you born?" and didn't end until I had told my life story! What fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity, and for your commitment to sharing the lives of people who are consciously creating in the world. It's enormously encouraging to hear about people who are awake and engaged in their lives and their work. Thank you for creating a space for their stories and for asking me to join you!
Anna Darrah (film executive, producer, writer Spiritual Cinema Circle)

Sara elicits those Eureka moments from her guest, uncovering personal discoveries with universal value. She is fulfilling her own awakening in a desire to serve the greater community. She brings her creativity as playwright and actress to this new endeavor, flavoring it with excellent preparation, a sense of timing and gentle finesse. The result is a weekly hour for the listener to drop in on an intimate conversation filled with potential insights.
Mary Carroll Nelson (author of Artists of the Spirit/visual artist)

Sara is an excellent interviewer. She comes in with a light touch, putting one immediately at ease--then, as the Conscious Creator, she brings the conversation around to the inspired place of creative transformation.
Jerry Wennstrom (author of The Inspired Heart/visual artist)

Being on your radio show Conscious Creating was a great joy. You are a wonderful host and doing great work to bring attention to an important subject.
Judith Cornell (author of Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing/visual artist)

As a guest on Conscious Creating I felt truly 'seen', which is especially amazing since our conversation took place by phone! Sara's in depth questions and familiarity with the details of my work allowed me to speak from the heart and even sparked new insights. Sara is much more than a knowledgeable program host; she is a fellow traveler on the path of transformative creativity. She adds a fresh voice and an important new venue for those of us who seek to offer our creative work in service to the world.
Pat B. Allen (author of Art is a Spiritual Practice/visual artist)