​#1 Love is not special; it’s spacious and wide. The love I feel for you is no different from the love I feel for the cashier in the checkout line at the supermarket. What’s unique is the intensity I allow myself to recognize in the moment. People around you want their love to be special. They don’t want you to feel the same way about your cat as you do your daughter or your country, or--God forbid-- your lover. They want you all to themselves. And this is not, not, not love. This is possession fueled by jealousy, which contracts rather than expands. Love is always expanding us.
#2 Love can’t be compartmentalized. The English language gets it right on this score. There’s only one word for love. I may feel sexual passion and love for my partner, protectiveness and love for my child, reverence and love for my God, but the love is always the same. It’s the common thread which runs through every relationship.
#3 Love is a singularity. It’s a point on the event horizon, where life and light intersect. It is not a duality. In truth, there’s no choice but to love and be loved. It’s who and what we are. When we discover this, we’re set free. There is no “I” and “thou”… only “we.”
#4 Love is eternal and everlasting; it never ends…no matter what. When we lose someone we’ve loved to death or relocation or neglect, the love doesn’t end. Even in situations like divorce or romantic splits, we still love our ex and they love us back. We just don’t like how we feel about ourselves when we think about what we did to each other to end the relationship. And it always takes two. No one is ever a victim. At the very least, I attracted this person into my life. Where did I fail myself in love?
#5 Love is generous. Love realizes that we are one consciousness, so it doesn’t need to hold anything back for itself. When I give to you, I don’t need to sit back and wait for you to return the gift. In giving to you, I give to myself. Giving is yummy like a chocolate ice cream cone on a warm summer night.
#6 Love is wise. It knows that it must patiently wait for you to awaken to your desire to love back, so it doesn’t push itself on you. It steps softly into your space, offers its gift, and waits. Love knows it’s not good for you to keep receiving without giving back. That’s the paradox of love.
#7 Love is all there is. All things seen and unseen are pure, unadulterated, blistering love. When we awaken to this fact as the Christ, the Buddha, and other Great Masters have and do, we welcome everyone and everything that life brings us. Even those people, things, and conditions which we think we don’t want. Resisting them is a form of fear. Love is here to teach us how to let go of fear. There is one caveat. We must learn to recognize and step away from those dark and toxic forces which refuse to admit love. They are present; we meet them everyday. Another great paradox of love.

#1 Life is eternal. Nothing ever dies; it merely passes from one form to another. Our fear of death is the fear of oblivion…empty nothingness. If oblivion was in fact on the other side, why would we fear it? Life would be over, and we wouldn’t even know.
#2 Life never takes the same form twice. Everyone and everything is completely unique. There will never be another you with all your magnificent perfection. Your particular form is a one-of-a-kind gift designed to allow you make your mark in life And…you have one chance to do it
#3 Life is easy when we surrender to the flow of people, things, and conditions we encounter each day. Life is hard when we resist what comes our way, because everything comes to us as an opportunity for growth. The secret of happiness, then, is to wake up each morning asking, “What am I to learn today?” And here’s another thing: happy people are teachable. If you want to be happy, try the mantra, “I can learn.”
#4 Life appears accidental and completely random until we learn to exert our Will to manifest what it is we most desire. Of course, this requires that we know what we want, and believe it or not, most of us don't. So the purpose of life is to identify what we want, and work to develop the will to bring it into reality. Oh, and you have to show up everyday to do the work!
#5 All of life is unified. It is the result of a single consciousness, an infinite intelligence, responsible for all of Creation. When we discover (or remember) this truth, we are free from all strife. Before we do, we operate under the illusion of separateness, which is the cause of all suffering. We really are all just one thing.
#6 The instinct to survive is the strongest force of life in all its forms—mineral, plant, animal, and human. Second to that is our sexual instinct, which results in the preservation of the species. Sex is pleasurable and life-giving and should be sustained as long as possible without shame, guilt, or fear. It’s an aid to our survival, actually, and can be a portal to awakening to the Divine. So find a consenting partner with whom you have a strong emotional, intellectual, and physical connection and enjoy!
#7 Life is a great gift-giver. It will give you back exactly what you put out. This is the law of cause and effect. Life doesn’t care if you’re the janitor or the king, when you unite yourself with what is light and bright and true, you will be blessed with a rich and satisfying life. As the giver of good, you will in turn become the recipient. Of course, the opposite is true!

#1 It’s a process not an event, but once you've seen glimpses of light, you will never again be satisfied living in darkness.
#2 It’s available to anyone and everyone who is willing to come awake long enough to perceive the lie of separation.
#3 A mind attached to its own identity will never experience enlightenment. One must suspend disbelief long enough to entertain the idea that maybe I’m not who and what I think I am.
#4 A mind harboring negative thoughts or emotions is imprisoned in a darkened cell and will only be free to experience the light of understanding when it has released these states as limiting and self-destructive.
#5 If you can recognize enlightenment in another being--living or dead--it is already alive and dormant within you. You can’t see something in someone else that’s not already in you.
#6 No book, teaching, or spiritual text can impart the state of enlightenment. All outside authorities are like road signs, they merely point the way to an interior reality.
#7 You will recognize enlightenment when it arrives, because you will finally be free from the sense of divine dissatisfaction which has driven you to chase it. You will be at one with all that is, and all seeking will finally end.


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